About Us

Welcome to ADR Pet Stores!

Our meals and all natural treats come from federally inspected plants and contain only the cleanest and freshest ingredients.

We offer eco-friendly packaging and our food will never contain any animal by-products or MSM (mechanically separated meat). 

We follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) process from the first step of production to the finished product.

We believe that in order to maintain optimal health, your dog or cat should have a healthy balance of diet, exercise and play. And when it comes to their diet, mother nature did not set our companions up for failure!

— ADR Pet Stores Inc.


About Us

Our names are Ryan and Jen Radley and we are the owners of ADR Keswick and founders of ADR Pet Stores.


We first switched our furbabies to a raw diet back in 2013. Our two boys, Thor (yellow lab) and Orpheus (Presa Canario) immediately started showing signs of improvement. They had less gas, their poops were smaller (and firmer!), their coats started to shine and their bad breath went away! Riggs (Presa Canario) came home to Canada in 2017 has been on raw his entire life, and our newest addition Phoenix has been on raw since we adopted her in February 2022. Our business name and our logo mean a lot to us, as Orpheus is the inspiration behind both and is the OG Alpha Dog. Although Orpheus passed away in June 2021, his memory and legacy will live on forever through our hearts and through ADR.

We are so proud to be part of the raw feeding community. Whether you need to stock up on food, grab some treats, pick out a new leash, or just have a chat about pet nutrition, we are here to provide you with the information, resources and support you need to achieve optimal health for your pets. We couldn’t be more excited to share our knowledge and passion for a raw food diet with you all! We hope your fur-babies enjoy ADR products as much as ours do!

​Sincerely,  Ryan & Jen Radley

Our Vision

Through nutrition, education, and advocacy, ADR pet stores strive to help all carnivorous pets achieve optimal health and happiness from the inside out.


The Way Nature Intended

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